Pan40 Drum Kit

ADN Paintball is proud to offer one of the most unique paintball loading systems ever designed. A detachable spiral drum magazine that loads from the top similar to the WW1 era Lewis Machine Gun.
The Pan40 Drum kit fits onto the ETHA EMC and Gemini body kits. These body kit fits onto the Planet Eclipse ETHA and Etek5, but can also fit onto the Empire Mini. Our drum kit fits onto your EMC/Gemini body kit and feeds 40-42 paintballs per magazine into your gun using spring tension. Due the spring mechanism force feeding paintballs into your gun, it will feed as fast as you can shoot it!

The Pan40 kit works by changing your normal feedneck for a drum feedneck. Next, by putting onto the top rails the Activator-Lock, you can slide your drum mags onto your drum feedneck, and click them firmly into place with the Activator-Lock switch. The pressure from the Activator-Lock holds the drum mag firmly in place and allows paint to begin feeding into your gun. By flipping the Activator-Locks to OFF, this stops paint from feeding into your gun which also acts as a safety measure by only allowing paint into your gun when you are ready for it. (Less accidental shots into your barrel sock.)

To reload your mags you can either turn the activator switch to OFF and rewind the mag still on the gun and add paint that way, or if you have multiple mags, just slide off the used one, replace with a pre-loaded mag, and you are back in the game!​​