ADN has over the years designed a lot of various guns, mags, adapters and so on.

Here you can find links to information about the various discontinued designs.

It is always possible a design can come back but it would depend on there being enough demand and a sufficiently low cost production method. We have always used the strongest methods possible (CNC plastic/aluminum) and it's very very expensive to make parts that way unless you outsource to China. Problem with that is, then you get unpredictable quality parts. So we made them domestically but between the high part cost, the competition from cheap made in china stuff the rest of the market sells, as well as the need for high production volumes needed for the parts to be made, it make it hard for some designs to continue. 

I suspect that as the quality improves and the cost lowers of metal 3D printing, some of these designs could come back in limited quantities, although some have since had versions made available by others in the industry, as well as improved designs still offered by ADN.

If you really want one of these, reach out and let me know. If enough people want them, I can do limited runs. They won't be cheap but they'll be made right.​​
Magfed pump marker that used Azodin parts. Design elements were incorporated into the upcoming X2-P design. 2022
Pan drum that fit a variety of hopper fed markers. I have some parts still so I will likely make a very limited run of these sometime in the next year after the other projects are finished. 
My love letter to the spyder blowback design. Super wicked design. Dye magwell. Integrated python kit sizer sleeves into the the body of the gun. Design will likely see life again in a Less Lethal form of some kind.
One of the first ADN products, its a metal Tipx-magazine-to-hopper adapter. Made to take a beating these things pissed off many a mag-fed game producer who totally weren't on the take from various marker companies to push sales of magfed guns. Totally not. Nope nope nope. I could see making these again in limited quantities but only out of spite. Because yes, your LV1 with one of these WILL out snapshoot 99% of magfed guns out there.
Before PE made their 20 round continuous Dye/MG100 mags, there was this. The industry first continuous roundball dye magazine. I made it over a long weekend to prove to a fellow designer his excuses for his design taking forever were just that. Excuses. Do or don't do, or stfu. Not practical by today's magazine offerings but was a head-turner at the time they were available.
The worlds ONLY magfed autococker ever produced for market. You're welcome.  Only made about 50-ish of these so if you have one it's collectible. A collectible that can spit out FSR from it's semi-auto closed bolt body into the faces of your enemies.

​​ When I play, and it's rarer and rarer these days, but when I do, this is what I run with. This gun took so much to make work but I'm glad I did it. The only way this design comes back to production is if I can lower the cost to make them because they each took something like 5 hours to build/time/test. But works of art when done.