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AK Vortex
This never fielded bad boy was used just for drum mag fitment testing. Weighing heavier than my ex-girlfriend, this monster of a gun will turn all the heads at your next insurgent meet-up. Comes with a free burka for one of your wives!
Never fielded, only used for drum mag fitment testing. This was the predecessor to the Blizzard. Uses 98c internals. Got great ergonomics, air in stock. I took it apart and reworked the insides a little bit to make sure it shoots smoother than out of the box.
Never fielded, only used for drum mag fitment testing. This is basically a 98c with a dmag/helix magazine adapter on it. Which means when you pull the trigger it's gunna work. Had a spare rail I tossed onto the front because it looks cool. You're welcome.
This was my personal face shooter for years. It has a dmag magwell and I have spare maxtact/scarab arms magazine magwell for it too. It's an early gen1 of the 468. I made my own bottom-line on it so the bottle come off the grip and has a CP on/off. Comes with 2 gen1 drum42 mags. Yes it CAN shoot FSR, but this gun was one of the reasons I started designing my own FSR shooting guns because it just wan't reliable enough for feeding FSR. I recommend this for roundball as using FSR on this platform isn't the most reliable as it's all early gen1 stuff and we've all come a long long way since those early days.
JT Raider
Tan Battle Vest and Pants
Bought a whole bunch of matching pants and tac vest sets for a series of photo shoots. Never worn after that one event. The whole vest is covered in mole which lets you put on all the pouches and stuff wherever you want. Got a new in package camel-back inside the back of the vest which is cool. Matching pants are SMALL (regular). 
Black Battle Vest 
An all black battle vest with mole webbing so you can put all your tacti-cool onto it. Got whacked a few times with FSR which uses a fill that is apparently hard as hell to get out of all black material. So no, that's not cum stains. It's FSR stains. I'll let you decide which is worse.
98c on the inside. Looks kinda like a pistol. Not sure what else to say...