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AK Vortex
This never fielded bad boy was used just for drum mag fitment testing. Weighing heavier than my ex-girlfriend, this monster of a gun will turn all the heads at your next insurgent meet-up. Comes with a free burka for one of your wives!
JT Raider
Tan Battle Vest and Pants
Bought a whole bunch of matching pants and tac vest sets for a series of photo shoots. Never worn after that one event. The whole vest is covered in mole which lets you put on all the pouches and stuff wherever you want. Got a new in package camel-back inside the back of the vest which is cool. Matching pants are SMALL (regular). 
Black Battle Vest 
An all black battle vest with mole webbing so you can put all your tacti-cool onto it. Got whacked a few times with FSR which uses a fill that is apparently hard as hell to get out of all black material. So no, that's not cum stains. It's FSR stains. I'll let you decide which is worse.
98c on the inside. Looks kinda like a pistol. Not sure what else to say...