What hast thou' created?!

ADN's latest laboratory abomination has broken lab quarantine and is breeding in the air ducts! What started off as a crude experiment, (the combination of ADN, Dye, and Azodin DNA) has successfully hybridized to form an aggressive, quickly evolving magfed conversion kit and marker. With the SPLYSE on the loose, magfed will never be the same!

Mutates in minutes!

With only two screws, you can swap your Azodin marker parts over onto the SPLYSE body for magfed games. Then, switch them back onto your original Azodin body for hopper fed games. The SPLYSE contains it's own internals, greatly reducing the time it takes to convert your gun to magfed and back again.
Aggressively Designed!

By eliminating the front shroud found on most magfed guns, and recessing the barrel into the body, the SPLYSE allows for easy sighting off the barrel. Combining that with keeping the air tank coming off the grip, and you can get your eye in line with the barrel for wickedly quick snapshooting. The removable picatinny rails still allow you to put all of your favorite tacti-cool onto it.
First Strike Round Capable 

With using one of the best magazines on the market, the SPLYSE can feed and shoot First Strike rounds for those extra long distance targets.
Highly Adaptable

The best aspect of the SPLYSE, is all the upgrades and old-school parts you can use. Want a better regulator? Just screw it on. Want an on/off ASA? Attach it. Want a different trigger frame? Drop it on! Most magfed markers don't have this capability.  
Locally Grown

Each SPLYSE is carefully grown in small batches inside the air ducts of ADN Paintball labs of San Antonio, Texas. Each batch is carefully examined, tested, and approved for release into the wild by its designer. All troubleshooting and customer support is also handled by the SPLYSE's creator so you are in good hands.
Integrated Barrel Kit!

The SPLICE body has built into it a space for Python/IFit barrel sizer sleeves. 4 of the most common sizes come with the SPLYSE (.679 .682 .685 .688). Match your paint or FSR to the proper sleeve size and effectively add 2" in barrel length to any barrel you use. Proper paint to barrel sizing increases accuracy and shot consistency and the SPLYSE's sizer inserts allow you to match your paint/barrel without needing a full barrel kit. Use your existing AC threaded barrel in front of the sizers and get better performance without the cost of a full barrel kit.
Limited Production Run

As with all of ADN Paintball's gun designs, the Splyse is made in very small production batches. Currently there are only 16 in the world. The likelihood you'll ever run into someone else with one, is very remote. For those looking for an edge as well as something totally unique, the Splyse is worth your consideration.