Paintball's First Magfed Autococker
The X1-A has been designed from the ground up to combine everything I love about paintball into one marker. Ever since the First Strike Round entered the playing field, I've wanted to shoot them from an autococker. Now with the X1A, I've made it finally possible!

​​The only closed bolt, semi-auto gun that uses the patented Lock-Bolt, this thing is unlike any magfed or autococker gun out there.

​​​​​​Available fully built and as a body kit so you can drop on parts from your old cocker.

Using the patented lock-bolt technology, the X1-A almost completely eliminates chops from short-stroking and jams the bolt open when out of ammo! Just put in a new mag, pull back on the trigger and it loads the next round into your barrel. 

Of course it is. What else could it have been?
Allowing for a wide range of valves, the 11/16 drilled bottom tube lets you drop in a used valve from your old 11/16 cocker, or let ADN install a Palmer LT valve and Madmann Spring Kit. 
Between their ubiquity, small size, and variety of capacity options, the TiPX style magazine was the ideal choice for this design. Tippmann sells 7 and 12 round mags. Stark Pursuit sells 20 round mags, and many custom TiPX mag designs are being made by the modding community.
The 11/16 drilled valve chamber gives your valve more air than the standard 2k+ style valves did, letting you drop to low operating pressures. Also, the X1-A has a large distance between the VASA and the valve which adds to the 11/16" valve chamber volume, helping to further allow for lower pressure use. 
Don't want the weight or like the picatinny rails I used? Then take them off and plug the holes with included set screw "plugs". I won't judge. The rails are for FSR scopes and if you are not shooting FSR, then take them off and get a cleaner view of your barrel from the top.
CNC'd and annodized right here in
​San Antonio, Texas!
Fully built guns come in a metal carrying case with custom cut insert foam. I put a lot of thought into these and I think you'll find them very useful. 

​Plus they look classy AF.
Mag run dry? The X1-A will let you know. The lock-bolt will activate when out of ammo, blocking the bolt moving forward and leaving the sled locked back. Seat a new mag home and pull back on the trigger to chamber a round!
Gun jams with bolt open when out of ammo!
Autococker Threaded
11/16 Valve
Low Pressure
Tipx Magazines
Removable Rails
Made in Texas!
Badass Carrying Case

Insert ​photo of me in
​idiot cowboy hat here.
2 Front Block Options
Each kit comes with 2 "front blocks". One is square and meant for attaching the aluminum shroud with rails. The other is smaller and meant for those who don't want to use the shroud and leave their pneumatics exposed.
Think of it as a mechanical "eye" that sees if you have a round in the chamber and prevents the gun from firing if empty. 

All bodies and markers come with a deactivator magnet to turn it off when needing to dry-fire/time/tune.​​
Only 6 total left!