X1-A Body Kit
Only the parts that ADN makes. All other parts will need to be obtained elsewhere. This option is for experienced autococker builders or those with the willingness to take on assembling one.

X1-A Conversion Kit 
The X1-A Conversion Kit comes with everything the body kit comes with, as well as the lower internals that I used to design this gun with. The CCM half-block stainless steel hammer, Palmer 11/16 LT valve, Maddman spring kit, Brass IVG, ball detent, and bolt pin.

This is what I recommend for people who want to make building their X1-A a little bit easier. The lower tube parts are installed and good to go making it easier for assembly.

Kit Contains:

Body, Bolt, Bolt Pin, Pump Arm, Sled, 
​Palmer LT Valve, Maddman Spring Kit, Ball Detent,
​ Tactical Shroud, Magwell Extension, Front Blocks, CCM Half-block Hammer, Lock-Bolt Deactivator, Timing Rod, and Hardware.

You will need to provide:

LPR, RAM, 3 Way, Trigger Frame, Reg, ASA, and  Tipx Style Magazines
Designed to shoot primarily FSR, the X1-A is the semi-auto beast you've been dreaming of. This thing will let you spit out FSR accurately and reliably until the bolt and sled jam back telling you feed it another mag!

Like all autocockers, the X1-A fires from a closed bolt to achieve a superior shot consistency. With the trigger acting to both fire and then pump the gun for you, the fire and pump actions can be intentionally separated from one another. For long distance FSR shooting this helps to keep the fire action a fraction of a second away from the recock action, helping to avoid shaking the gun that reduces accuracy.​​

The X1A is the only semi-auto closed bolt marker that uses the patented ​​lock-bolt. This technology works to act as a mechanical eye that "sees" when you are out of ammo and jams the gun before the bolt can go forward, letting you know to reload. It also helps prevent chopping on an improperly loaded round. Chopping will be a very rare event.

Using the Tipx style magazines and having a removable magwell extension, you have the option of using 4+ different magazines, one being a drum mag. Designed from the beginning to shoot First Strike Rounds, the X1-A will feed and shoot FSR better than any FSR shooting semi-auto you've shot before. 

The X1-A was designed with the tactical shroud in mind, however as many people like to keep their front pneumatics exposed, there is an included front block that is smaller and less blocky. 

The X1-A does not come with a barrel. If we're being honest, you probably already have a closet full of them and don't need me selling you yet another one. Plus with so many different opinions on which FSR barrel is better, I'll leave it to you to source your own.

Recommendations include:
​  One-Shot by Hammerhead

LAPCO .683 FSR Barrel
Nemesis by Carmatech​​ Engineering

The X1A will arrive in an aluminum case with a custom foam insert designed to organize and hold your gun, mags, barrels, and a 45/50ci tank. The case was designed to carry everything but your mask for a day of play, and looks pretty cool too.


Gun Comes with:

X1A Body Kit and Tactical Shroud
WGP 3Way
WGP Hinge Trigger Frame
Palmers Pursuit LT Valve
Palmers Pursuit LPR​​
CCM SS Half-Block Hammer
Empire Ram
CP Regulator
CP On/Off 
​​​​​​AutocockerParts.com  Ball Detent, and Brass IVG

ADN Custom Metal Gun Case
Tippmann Tipx 12 Round Magazine 2x
Full Sets of Standard/Metric Allen 
Lock-Bolt Deactivation Magnet​

​​You will need to provide:

Paint/First Strike Rounds, Air Tank (45/50ci is best),
​ and friends/ex-girlfriends to shoot at.

Each option differs in what parts you will need to source yourself. If you already have spare autococker parts or have specific ones you want to use, no point in buying stuff again.

3 Purchase Options Available

Body Kit Contains:

​Bolt with bolt pin retainer
​Ram Rod
​Brass Actuator/Timing Rod
​2 Front Blocks
Lock Bolt and Deactivation Magnet​
​Tactical Shroud (optional)

You will need to provide:

11/16" Autococker Valve
Half Block Hammer (CCM's is ideal)
​Ball detent
3 Way, LPR, RAM​​
Trigger Frame​​​
​Tipx Style Magazines
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​Thank you for your support!
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​Thank you for your support!
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