ADN Paintball is proud to announce it's second, industry-first product, the X1-P. A magfed autococker pump conversion kit and marker. Yes, fellow cocker fiends! The gun worth worth joining the magfed ranks has arrived! Drop on parts from one of your old autocockers and see what it's like to play without a hopper, and how much damage you can cause when shooting FSR rounds from a low pressure sniper pump!

The X1-P (and it's forthcoming semi-auto partner, X1-A) were designed from the ground up to bring autocockers to the magfed community. For too long magfed players have been sticking their heads out of cover when they shouldn't be. For too long, magfed guns have been trumpeting their owners locations with each shot. For too long, magfed gun ergonomics have been based around real-steel guns and ballistics and not the game of paintball.

Well, times are a changin'.​​

The X1-P is the first of the ADN guns that will remind the magfed community what paintball guns can really do when their designs are not constrained by mimicking real weaponry.

​​Call it old school. Call it retro...

​Personally, I call it pure, unfettered performance.

​​Practical over tactical.

​​And the X1-P will prove that every-time. I guarantee it.

Ok, enough of that.

​​Onto the nerdy stuff!​​

Of course it is. What else could it have been? It's the most common barrel threading in the industry now.
Allowing for a wide range of valves, the 11/16 drilled bottom tube lets you drop in a used valve from your old 11/16 cocker, or let ADN install a Palmer LT valve and Madmann Spring Kit. 
Between their ubiquity, small size, and variety of capacity options, the TiPX style magazine was the ideal choice for this design. Tippmann sells 7 and 12 round mags. Stark Pursuit sells 20 round mags, and many custom TiPX mag designs are being made by the modding community.
The 11/16 drilled valve chamber gives your valve more air than the standard 2k+ style valves did, letting you drop to low operating pressures. Also, the X1-P has a large distance between the VASA and the valve which adds to the 11/16" valve chamber volume, helping to further allow for lower pressure use. 
The smoothest and most versatile pump kit made, the SLICE Modular Pump Kit produced by comes with every X1-P body, including the conversion kits. Want to adjust your pump handle length? Add or remove 'slices'. Want different pump handle colors and materials? Swap them out. No other pump kit can offer more. 
Don't want the weight or like the picatinny rails I used? Then take them off and plug the holes with included set screw "plugs". I won't judge. The rails are for FSR scopes and if you are not shooting FSR, then take them off and get a cleaner view of your barrel from the top.
CNC'd and annodized right here in
​San Antonio, Texas!
Each gun comes in it's own metal carrying case with custom cut insert foam. I put a lot of thought into these and I think you'll find them very useful. 

​Plus they look classy AF.
Each body is hand signed and serial number stamped on by me, the designer. For what that's worth to you collectors...
Raw bodies available for custom texture/milling/anno. Think you can make a better design than me? You're probably right. So prove it! And then send me pictures so I can put them up here to make people jealous.
Mag run dry? The X1 will let you know. The magazine follower pushes into the breech and into the path of the bolt, jamming the gun, and letting you know it's time to reload. Seat a new mag home and pump a new round into the chamber!
After buying and testing one of every autococker part still manufactured in the industry and comparing them against one another, only the best were selected to be used on fully built X1 guns.

Parabolic's Phi Barrels​​
CCM's 45 Trigger Frame
CCM​'s Aluminum 90 Fittings
Palmer Pursuit's LT Valve
​Maddmann's Cocker Spring Kit

Custom Products' ON/OFF ASA
AKA Paintball's Sidewinder Regulator​​

Tipx Magazines
Bolt jams on magazine follower when out of ammo!
Autococker Threaded
11/16 Valve
Low Pressure
Tipx Magazines
SLICE Modular
Pump Kit​
Only the Best
Removable Rails
Made in Texas!
Badass Carrying Case
Raw Bodies
Testing has yielded working pressures as low as 180psi depending on valve used.

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​idiot cowboy hat here.
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