X1-P Conversion Kit   GEN2

You will need to provide:

11/16" Valve, 
Half-Block Hammer,Internal Springs,

​ IVG, Regulator, Trigger Frame, Barrel

​ Ball Detent, Bolt Pin, ASA, Macroline, Fittings,

​ Pump Kit and Tipx Magazines ​​​
X1-P Gen2
​Expanded Conversion Kit 
The Expanded Conversion Body Kit comes with everything the normal conversion kit does, but has pre-installed internals, ball detent, and bolt pin.

​ If you plan to convert an autococker that does not use a 11/16" valve, this option is worth considering.

Kit Contains:

Body, Bolt, Pump Arm, Slide,​​​​​ CCM Half Block Hammer,
​Palmer LT Valve, IVG, Bolt Pin, Ball Detent, Hardware/Orings 

You will need to provide:

Regulator, Trigger Frame, Barrel, ASA, Macroline, Pump Kit and Fittings ​​​
X1-P Gen2
The only magfed autococker pump on the market, the X1-P is unlike any other. Designed to combine the accuracy and ergonomics of autocockers and sniper pumps with the long range shooting FSR rounds, this gun will paint as many heads as it turns.

The X1-P isn't cheap. It's made in small batches and only uses the best parts on the market. After extensive testing, I've selected only the parts that I would personally field. If I'm going to take the time to hand build you a marker, it's going to use the best damn parts my data has shown me.
​ Want a cheaper gun?
​Build one using the conversion kits.
​Want the best?
​This is what you're looking for.

Gun Contains:​

Custom Products          Inline Regulator
Parabolic Paintball's    Phi Barrels ​.680 and .685
Palmers Pursuit's        Low Turbulence Valve
CCM's                    Half-Block Hammer​
CCM's                    45 Trigger Frame​
CCM's                    Aluminum Macro Fittings​​
CCM's                    In-line Regulator​
Custom Products'         Direct Mount ON/OFF ASA
Autococker Part's        SLICE ​​​Modular Pump Kit
ADN's                    Custom Gun Case​
Somewhere in China       Full Standard and Metric Allen Wrench Sets​

​​You will need to provide:

Friends/ex-girlfriends to shoot at.
Only the absolute basics of what you need to take your old autococker or sniper pump and make a fully built X1-P with it.

Kit Contains:

Body, Bolt, Bolt Pin Retainer, Pump Arm, Slide,​​​​​
​ Hardware, Extended Magwell