Following the successful launch of the X1P, the XP3 is a sleeker design that uses the Azodin KP3 for most of its parts. The XP3 conversion kit will mod your Azodin KP3 into a First Strike shooting magfed gun. So ditch that pesky hopper and join the magfed craze!

Same as the KP3. Use your KP3 barrels or a rifled barrel for better FSR performance.
The conversion kit and fully built XP3 includes a Palmer LT autococker valve so you can leave your Azdoin valve in the body. Stops the notorious KP3 'farting'.
Between their ubiquity, small size, and variety of capacity options, the TiPX style magazine was the ideal choice for this design. Tippmann sells 7 and 12 round mags. Stark Pursuit sells 20 round mags, and many custom TiPX mag designs are being made by the modding community.
The XP3 has a large distance between the VASA and the valve which adds to the 11/16" valve chamber volume, helping to drop your pressure and reduce your sound signature when shooting. 
Don't want the weight or like the picatinny rails I used? Then take them off and plug the holes with included set screw "plugs". I won't judge. The rails are for FSR scopes and if you are not shooting FSR, then take them off and get a cleaner view.
CNC'd and annodized right here in
​San Antonio, Texas!
Mag run dry? The XP3 will let you know. The magazine follower pushes into the breech and into the path of the bolt, jamming the gun, and letting you know it's time to reload. Seat a new mag home and pump a new round into the chamber!
Bolt jams on magazine follower when out of ammo!
Autococker Threaded
11/16 Valve
Low Pressure
Tipx Magazines
Know to Reload!
Removable Rails
Made in Texas!
Testing has yielded working pressures as low as 180psi depending on valve used.
Available as a conversion kit, change your hopper-fed Azodin pump marker and make it magfed with a few screws! The XP3 comes with it's own valve making the conversion much easier and faster!

Drum Magazines
By taking off the removable magazine extension, and adding small notch in the side of the magazine, you can use the 32 round Tempest drum magazine.
Azodin KP3
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