Universal Tipx Magazine Adapter

The ADN paintball Universal Tipx Magazine adapter allows you to turn ANY hopper fed paintball gun into a MagFed gun! This adapter will fit all Tipx magazines and Zeta Mags. The adapter holds onto the mags tightly and securly until you release the mag using the mag release button. Now you can play with your Autococker, DM15, Model 98, or any other paintball gun in magfed games! 

The adapter holds about 3-4 extra rounds so if you pre-load a few rounds into the adapter before the game, and insert a fully loaded Zeta Mag, you get a full 14 shots, flip mag, 10 shots. That's 24 spring fed shots. With multiple Zeta or Tipx mags, your non-magfed gun can keep up with some of the best dedicated magfed markers out there! 

With only the profile of a Tipx mag, these adapters don't offer much for your enemy to shoot. And, even if they do manage, the adapters are made from CNC aluminum and are the strongest ever produced.

So what are you waiting for?! Pick one up, slap it onto your favorite paintball gun and join the tactical magfed c​​raze that's sweeping the paintball industry!